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Notifiation of Customer Registration

GoldenCrop is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of its customers. The purpose of this privacy statement is to tell customers how we collect, use and protect personal information, and what rights and opportunities customers must have to influence the processing of their personal information. GoldenCrop means Oy Golden Crop Ab. is part of Oy Golden Crop Ab. Services refer to services provided by GoldenCrop, such as the online store, company information website, web pages maintained by GoldenCrop, newsletters or other services provided by GoldenCrop. A customer is someone who uses GoldenCrop services. When processing personal data, GoldenCrop complies with Finnish law and EU data protection regulations. This privacy statement applies when customers use GoldenCrop services. Unless the customer agrees to the terms of this privacy statement, the customer may not use the service because the provision of the service requires the processing of personal data.

Registrar's Name/Place

GoldenCrop Customer Registration

Registrar's Contact information

Oy Golden Crop Ab (Y-tuunus:2459741-1)

Kuussillantie 18 ,01230 Vantaa,Finland

Contact for personal data processing and privacy issues:

Purpose of processing personal data

The trade department needs to process personal data. Customer registration includes, for example, the processing of personal data required for e-commerce customer accounts, order processing, approval and delivery, and invoicing. GoldenCrop only processes personal data that is necessary and relevant to GoldenCrop's business.

The purposes of using personal data include:

-Customer relationship management, maintenance and development, and customer communication;

-Production, provision, development and quality assurance of services;

-business development;

-Sales and marketing, direct marketing and marketing target positioning;

-Market research, customer satisfaction surveys and product evaluations;

-Monitor and analyze the use of services to better understand our customers' needs and provide personalized services;

-Customer-oriented marketing and service development profile;

-Fulfilling obligations under laws, regulations and authorities;

-Ensure the security of the service;

-Prevent and detect violations and fraud;

-Repair errors and malfunctions;

-Risk management and training purposes.

Sources and updates of personal information

We mainly collect information from customers themselves, and customers will provide this information when registering or using the service, such as buying products from's online store, providing contact information in a shopping cart, subscribing to our Newsletter or trade with us.

We may also obtain information from partners (such as freight or financial companies) and other service providers (such as credit bureaus) or public records (such as population registration centers).

Legal basis for processing personal data

GoldenCrop will process personal data in accordance with the agreement between GoldenCrop and the customer, the customer relationship between GoldenCrop and the customer, the use of the service, the legal rights of GoldenCrop or the consent or law of the customer.

In all of the above cases, we will only process personal and transport information to the extent necessary for the purpose for which it is processed, and will always respect the privacy of our customers.

What personal information do we process ?


We will process personal data and personal data in the following categories

-Basic information: name, contact information: postal address, email address, phone number, personal information, user name;

-Payment and payment information;

-Consent and prohibition of processing personal data;


-Customer event information: events and tasks related to customer relationship management;

-Customer communication: messages and records of customer participation;

-Other consent-based information specified in more detail when requesting consent;

-Service usage information: The information collected may include purchase history, billing, credit and payment information, shopping cart information, product warranty information, shipping information (such as shipping method and shipping address), and product reviews; 

-Behavioral information: Track customers' online behavior and use of services through cookies and similar technologies; the collected information may include channels used for web browsing, browsers, terminals, devices or cookie IDs, IP addresses, session IDs, and session times And duration, log information.

With whom do we share your personal information? Do we move data out of the European Union or the European Economic Area?

To the extent permitted by law, companies belonging to the same group as GoldenCrop. Top and affiliated companies can use personal information as defined in this privacy statement.

We provide our partners with the necessary personal information for delivery, sales and marketing, or to finance companies when making financing decisions. GoldenCrop uses membership services for analysis and personalization. GoldenCrop may provide information about the use of the Services to your members in order to provide targeted quotes.

GoldenCrop uses subcontractors to process personal information on behalf of GoldenCrop to provide IT operations. According to the agreement, the use of personal data is limited to specific tasks. We have signed personal data processing contracts with subcontractors in accordance with the Data Protection Regulations. When using subcontractors, we ensure that personal data is processed in accordance with legal and privacy statements.

GoldenCrop uses only confidential operators as partners and subcontractors. Partners or subcontractors that process personal data may be located outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, resulting in personal data being transferred outside the European Union or EEA. We provide appropriate protections for transfers in personal data processing contracts and the use of EU-approved transfer procedures, such as EU-approved standard contract terms.

In addition, personal information may be disclosed to third parties that the customer agrees to, such as third parties related to specific activities. Personal information may be disclosed in conjunction with legal procedures or at the request of the competent authority in accordance with applicable law or the decision of the competent authority in relation to legal or judicial procedures.

If GoldenCrop participates in business arrangements involving businesses that include personal information, personal information may be disclosed to third parties. Business combinations include, for example, various corporate acquisitions and divestitures, as well as mergers and divisions.

Retention and protection of personal data

For the purposes described in this privacy statement, GoldenCrop will retain the personal information of customers. To fulfill legal obligations (such as accounting and consumer trade regulations), some personal data must be retained even if the customer contract has expired. GoldenCrop shall take reasonable steps to ensure that personal data that is incompatible, outdated or inaccurate with the purpose for which it is processed is not retained; on the other hand, personal data processed for that purpose shall be protected from unauthorized processing, deletion, destruction, damage And unauthorized access.

Top services, e-commerce, servers and business information systems are highly secure and protected from hacking and denial of service attacks. GoldenCrop pays attention to the safety of its personnel, internal processes and facilities to protect personal information. Regardless, GoldenCrop takes all appropriate measures to protect personal data and to prevent and detect any external access to personal data.

Personal data is processed by GoldenCrop's own trained staff, whose tasks require processing of personal data. Train employees to handle personal data securely and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

With regard to the processing of certain personal data, GoldenCrop uses third parties to process personal data (see above: to whom we disclose personal data). These partners are trusted by GoldenCrop and are constantly monitored. We have drafted written personal data processing agreements with our partners while complying with the requirements of the Data Protection Regulations and other regulations.

What choices and rights does the customer have?

A customer who signs up for a service has the opportunity to influence their use of personal data and marketing to him / her. You can make marketing choices on the page of the service itself, such as whether to accept marketing. The service is constantly being developed, so features can be changed, added or removed.

You have the right to confirm whether we are processing personal data about you and have access to your personal data, including a copy of your personal data. The customer has the right to verify his / her personal data and request correction or deletion of his / her personal data. You may need to correct incorrect or incorrect personal information. After processing personal data in accordance with the customer's individual consent, the customer may withdraw consent.

If a customer believes that there is a defect in the processing of personal data or suspects that GoldenCrop has taken illegal action, the customer may file a complaint with GoldenCrop. GoldenCrop is committed to conducting business responsibly, so we want to make up for all the shortcomings. Customers also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Can the privacy statement be changed ?

Due to developments and changes in services and changes in laws, privacy statements may change. For these reasons, we will update this privacy statement as needed. The privacy policy is always the latest version of the service, and we encourage you to review it regularly.